Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Interesting fact #2:

Nomadic tribes; probably just couples. Man and wife, exploring the wonders of prehistoric earth. No one can say for sure.

Oh what wisdom you bring me, academia.

The question that was never pondered

Until now!

Was Botticelli's "Abundance," painted 1480-1485 in fact influenced, if not inspired by "The Venus of Laussel" the approximately 25,000 years old stone relief only rediscovered in 1911?


Thursday, August 26, 2010

I love you high dude

High dude: "Are there Jewish anti-Semites? I saw it on South Park"

Interesting fact:

you can tell the difference between men and women in neolithic cave paintings because the women are wearing skirts. Apparently some fashion trends are simply timeless.

Art history class discussion:

Instructor: I don't like this painting, do you?
Thought: Well, I guess I can't now.

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Art Appreciation Instructor

Da Vinci. . .  It was Da Vinci that painted the Mona Lisa.

P.S. Wake Tech: Perhaps this could be used as an interview question for future Art instructors as I hear he's kind of a big deal in the art world.

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